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Headed by Ariel Averbuch

The firm is led by Ariel Averbuch, an experienced Attorney at Law & Patent Attorney.

Ariel is a graduate from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem having his Bachelors in Pharmacy, and went on to further obtain an LL.B degree and become a lawyer and a patent attorney. His MBA/LL.M degree from the College of Management complements his vast business experience.

Active in the IP arena since 2007, Ariel has seen it all and was involved in some of the most complicated patent protection matters, unique litigation cases, led successful investor pitches and has taken part in solving many of the business growth challenges companies and stratups are facing.

Active Angel investor

Ariel is also an active Angel investor, investing in impact making technologies and innovations and is often personally vested in the success of companies he holds dear to heart.

Ariel is married to Avivit, and a father of 4 future entrepreneurs, and the proud owner of Potter, a mixed breed Belgian Shepherd…

“A patent in the palm of your hand”

Ariel Averbuch

Ariel is the Author of the book “A patent in the palm of your hand”, a super useful practical guide for better understanding the world of patents. The book was specifically written for entrepreneurs, without fancy or legal language, it guides the reader step by step through all the important steps and consideration in the process of protecting an invention.


Yes, we can!

In fact, we take pride in the fact that we are here to ensure your success beyond just drafting great patents. We will connect you to our entire network of professionals, including Angel investors, VCs and funds.

We have vast experience in other fields including Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Dentistry and more.

However, we believe the climate challenge we are facing as humankind is not to be taken lightly. As such, we have decided to devote our efforts in promoting impact companies, which are focused on sustainability for future generations.

Generally speaking, there are 3 main stages: 1. Filing of a provisional application; 2. Filing of a PCT application a year after the provisional was filed; and 3. Filing the PCT application in various countries to obtain protection (also known as the National Phase).

We love to explain these things and think about various options together. Feel free to contact us and let’s discuss what would work best for you

Well, first, it varies between countries. In addition, each Examiner has his own workload and pace of examination.

Generally speaking, after filing a national phase application it usually takes between 2-5 years.

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